Who We Are

They say marriages are made in heaven. As much as we believe in it, we also want to make sure we recreate your marriage, that happened in the skies with earthly majesty and heavenly divinity. Growing up in a traditional and custom rich culture, marriages were always a fascinating experience for our founder duo Abhivyakthi and Ganavii. They always dream about making the most special occasion in someone’s life a little more special with a magical touch. It is the shaping of dreams that we thrive to come true.

The company is built on the pillars of abundant wedding planning experience, outstanding creativity, immovable commitment And a passionate crew. With the smiles that we have put on the faces of our happy clients, we are today the most trustworthy and client friendly wedding planners in town who would bring your dream to reality. If you are looking for that perfect wedding, you are at the right place.

Let us put a smile on your face.

Destination & venue

From 5 star banquet and convention halls to finest destination spots like beaches to resorts, we have it all to stage your dream wedding

Food & Beverage


Guest Management

Photography and Video

Wedding Decor